• Dena Celeste

So, it's Autumn again...

...and here I am. It seems that this time of year really stokes my creative juices! I'm crocheting like a fiend, and my muse has come sniffing around again with nudges at various WIPs. It's been a busy, hectic year on this side of the screen, which has interfered with my writing and stagnated my creativity a fair bit. Still, it's not all bad! Sometimes a break can be refreshing, and help to prevent burnout. Still, when a muse comes calling...

Well, when they come calling, that means I'm poking my head back out of my nest in the hopes that more words will appear. Perhaps, if we're very lucky, even ones I can share with you guys!

I hope your holidays have been wonderful thus far. Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Samhain are all so special, and I tend to find great renewal in them, starting off with a fresher slate than I had before, shaking off the heaviness of the year before to look toward the promise of sweetness ahead. The wheel of the year keeps on turning! And thank goodness for that.

May your nights be illuminated by love and excitement as we delve into the dark half of the year!

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