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Hi there folks, it's me again!

It's time for a pre-release-day snippet, which happens to take place on a Saturday. Okay, yeah, I'm not the greatest at social media...sort of like a clumsy puppy? Please bear with me; I'm hoping that, with practice, I'll get better! First, though, I shall blather on. I would like my blogs to be more me and not just "HERE LOOK AT MAH BOOK!" even though...hey, here, look at my book? Anyway...

Tomorrow is the full moon, and a day of realizing the culmination of all sorts of hard work! I know that many follow other planetary bodies as well, but the moon, oh, the moon, has been a love affair for me from the very beginning. I was always that kid looking up at the sky. I'm sure there were lots of us, but I was entranced by the curve of the moon, the control exerted over forces on Earth like the tides and people's moods, and conversely the control Earth exerted over the moon, drawing her closer and pushing her away, a sweet and rhythmic dance between celestial bodies. That gravitational orbit is amazing.

You see what I mean? I love the moon. The full moon makes me feel clean, bathed in light reflected, gentle and soothing, but also energizing. I enjoy the fact that most full moon nights illuminate every window, the silvery light sneaking between blinds and around curtain edges. I feel a little wild, of course, I feel the pull, but mostly it's like being cradled. I suppose that also goes with the idea that every body is different. We all react in our own ways.

Speaking of that, I guess part of this is that weather has an epically strong role to play in my daily life, and not just in regards to Umbrella-or-No-Umbrella. As someone with chronic pain conditions, including migraines, headaches, and joint/muscle issues, the weather dictates a lot of how I'm feeling on any given day. Any drastic changes can be debilitating. So to have something to look towards which affects me positively, like the moon, is uplifting. Find the thing that lifts your spirits up!

(Given the topic of my book, make sure your spirit, or spirits, consent to being lifted. They might not appreciate it otherwise. ;) )

My release schedule, as long as I have control over it, and patience to wait (that...may not always be the case, as I'm an excitable person), will likely be on full moons. They have always been a favorite, though I also love the crescent moon, waxing and waning alike! And I'm indulging myself. Why not?

Speaking of indulging myself, I figure here---here as in my blog---is as good a place as any to start posting reviews or commentary about books I'm reading, because if they've managed to keep my attention, they deserve a gold star sticker. And if I'm talking about them, they're probably going to be re-read at some point.

Okay! Without further ado, here is your #SaturdaySnippet for Samhain Embrace, the first of the Astral Lovers series!

Samhain Embrace cover on the left in shades of orange with a couple silhouetted above the title and candles in goblet-shaped holders beneath. To the right, the text reads: Out August 26, 2018, Pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords, #SaturdaySnippet and the following text from the story: Jasmine braced for the sharp pain of his teeth. She’d missed his marks, the sore spots she’d lovingly press on throughout the day that reminded her what she had to come home to after a long shift at the hospital. Uncontrollable shivers wracked her under the light strokes of his tongue along the curve of her neck.

I hope you enjoyed this final peek before the book is available on Amazon and Smashwords tomorrow! I'm very excited. And hey, if you have any love of celestial bodies (or anything else you'd like to share) please feel free to leave a comment below!

All the best,


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