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Samhain Embrace cover reveal and release date!

The time has come! It's the full moon, a time of spiritual abundance and rejoicing in your accomplishments, not to mention the completion of projects. Without further ado, behold the cover for a #magical tale of #love beyond limits, Book One of Astral Lovers: Samhain Embrace!


A witch and a submissive, Jasmine is no stranger to being strong in the face of adversity. Living for the last eight months without her husband has been as close to unbearable as any experience of her life. Starved for the embrace of her soulmate, she carefully constructs a ritual for Samhain, one that will bring her and Eric together once again.

When she arrives on the astral plane, Eric is waiting for her with arms wide open and a bed prepared for their passionate reunion. She expected the amazing sex, the submission, the familiar magic between them. But Eric has a few tricks up his sleeve yet, and their loving power exchange may help her piece herself back together again.


While I have you here, I have to let you know that #SamhainEmbrace will be available on the next full moon which, for the non-lunar obsessed, is August 26, 2018. I can't wait to share more of Eric and Jasmine's story with you!

Moving forward, I'll have some snippets to reveal on #1lineWed on Twitter, and even some character interviews to share here on my blog! Be sure to stay tuned!

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