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Samhain Embrace character interview: Jasmine!

Hey guys, me again! (I know, who else?) I had some issues with my Wix blog, which is partially why I haven't been able to get another post out. I mean, I would've posted back when Samhain Embrace came out, but the posts weren't letting me type anything. It certainly complicated matters!

The other reason is that I suffer from depression and anxiety, and it's been pretty intense for a bit now (and what timing that's been). Actually "doing the things" was pretty much relegated to the work that pays the bills and making sure I actually, ya know, paid the bills. On time, even.

Now! I've talked a bit about my book in the last few months, but in case you want to know more about Jasmine, our leading lady in the Astral Lovers series, here's a short interview with her!

What is your biggest fear?

Jasmine: Yeesh, that's a pretty intimate question to start off with, but if I had to say, probably uncertainty. I like to make plans and stick to them, and for things to go as planned. Life doesn't always go with that flow. Clearly.

When did you become a witch?

Jasmine: I dabbled a bit as a kid, the way you do, at least, the way I assumed most kids do. I was always enamored of witches and magic and ritual. It was all so intriguing, but I had to find what was right for me. I firmly decided on practicing witchcraft at about fourteen. I like the strong base Wicca initially provided my practice, since it's nice and solid, so that's where I started and I keep a lot like the wheel of the year. I also mixed in a few things from my Jewish heritage, but since my parents never practiced, I mostly work that in on the fly with whatever feels right.

How did you meet Eric?

Jasmine: Online! We met on a BDSM website, one of the older ones back when there were more forums than dating sites, and eventually hit it off at a munch. We wrote back and forth for a good three weeks before that. When we finally met in person, I couldn't resist his smile or his energy. He never stopped playing with my hair or whispering jokes in my ear. Of course, I didn't ask him to, either.

What is your favorite hobby?

Jasmine: Bootblacking. It's a hobby, an art, and really relaxing. Plus, I love the smell of leather, and serving my community and my friends by volunteering to care for their leathers is really satisfying. It's helped me work through things, a kind of meditation, once I got back to it.


Okay folks, hope you enjoyed that taste of Jasmine (and her first meeting with Eric!), along with my itty-bitty update. There will be more to come as the days fly by, and as I work more on the sequel!

Samhain Embrace is available for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, and a variety of other places!

"Their love transcends this world with a magic that never fades." is the text next to the cover for Samhain Embrace.

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