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Crafting an oasis in a sea of chaos

This time of year is all about changes and transitions. Seasons are transitioning, trees are shedding (in some places, much to my envy), everything seems to be moving around, it's more than a bit chaotic right now! Some people thrive on chaos, and much as I adore this time of year...I'm not one of them. Chaos drives me up a wall, and sends my anxiety spiraling into the infinite ways things can go wrong, so very wrong. Anxiety is very creative in that way. Isn't that nice of it? *grits teeth*

So, I have to go about crafting my own oasis in the sea of chaos that is life, because otherwise I'm on a cascade of panic attacks that's not very good for me. I mean, life is regularly chaos, so I suppose this isn't exactly unique to this time of year, but the Holidays Will Soon Be Upon Us (if the mishmosh of decor in every store is any indication) which can mean an inundation of expectations from a variety of directions.

Setting aside even 5 or 10 minutes in a day (or heck, if you can't grab it every day, maybe try for every other day, or every other other day, you see where I'm going here) is imperative at this point. To take a stretch, to take a breath, to take a break. A lot of days I have to tell myself, "I'm still here, I'm still alive. I can work with that." when the anxiety gets too bad. Life, work, family, people in general, not to even get into the current political environment, everything demands so much from us, a never ending cycle of input that might be invigorating for some, but can be seriously overwhelming for others.

I think we can all do with a bit of peace, though, just a small slice of day or night, or perhaps a fae bit of liminal time like dawn or dusk, to sip some tea. To read a book (not that I'm biased), even just a page or two, or listen to some music, or engage in whatever counts as self-care for you. Just a tiny little bit of a recharge, because working on dead batteries is really difficult.

And hey, I'm the first to admit that sometimes those lil bothers follow you around. Whether it's the anxiety tornado in your head that doesn't stop or it's on the outside, like little fingers reaching under the bathroom door because you can't even catch your 5 minutes in there. I'm not faulting anyone for wondering where those spare pennies of time in the couch cushions might actually be. Because time is a luxury for a lot of folks, most of us, I'm thinking.

B99's Gina Linetti wearing headphones oblivious to the chaos caused by a rowdy suspect in the police precinct behind her

I just want to encourage you to look. Those time-pennies might be hiding in a side pocket of your purse, or the back of a drawer. Maybe in that pair of pants that was making that funny noise in the dryer. Maybe it looks like an extra five of sleep, or sneaking into your room and shutting the door to deep breathe for an entire two and a half minutes without someone shouting for you, or putting your Twitter feed on mute for an hour.

Craft an oasis, even if crafting an oasis looks like the Oblivious Gina gif.

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