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Another short story in the bag!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

In the wonderful column recently is that I finished another short story, this one for the Best Women's Erotica call for submissions. I'd started it earlier this year, and got stuck at a couple points. Things got chaotic here, as they are wont to do, and I figured, "Well, the deadline is approaching, and I'd rather not half-ass this, so I guess this one will pass me by." I was going to let it go.

Then I saw the tweet, from the editor, about the extension of the deadline. I had to try. I had to at the very least try. So I just let the magic happen, let the story happen. A lot of times, I'm hamstrung by my inner-editor, sometimes until I'm frozen solid mid-paragraph. But this time, I did it! I finished it!

I got it done, and I can't explain the euphoria of finishing a story. I realized immediately when I reached the end, and what bits I needed to fill in the middle to round the whole thing out, and once that happened, the whole thing came together.

I was blessed with a very, very thorough beta (4 rounds of edits!), a sensitivity readthrough, and then off it went. Now, of course, I get to (not so) quietly freak out until I hear a year...waiting patiently the way I am so good at doing.

I'm trying not to let myself get too bogged down with the woes of the world, because to be honest, 2016 put a serious damper on my writing mojo. 2018 has been pretty sweet on the writing front with the support of my family and some incredible friends. It's given me the chance to write TWO enby lead characters, which has been amazing as an experience. Whatever the response is, I'm pretty damn proud.

Beyond that, a previously published story is undergoing some MAJOR OVERHAUL! Feeding Her Beast, a werewolf story involving polyamory, a surrogate to carry the Alpha's wildness, and more, will be having a cover release in the next six months or so. A lot going on, I'm telling you!

In the meantime, I suppose I can go ahead and get back to work on Beltane Renewal, the sequel to Samhain Embrace! I'd like to have that finished and ready to go before, well...Beltane. *insert laughing-sweatdrop emoji here*

I hope you all are having a decent October thus far, and are taking care of yourselves.

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