Come into my parlor and you will find...

Rope. Floggers. Canes. Bare-handed spankings. The torment of teasing. The comfort of bondage. The trust it takes to surrender to your partners, whether for a night or a lifetime, and the deep bonds formed in the midst of such nakedness, both literally and figuratively.

Welcome to my new home on the web! Here you will find samplings of my work, ranging from published stories to more personal pieces, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.

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A Bit About Me

I'm Dena, a queer non-binary writer who hails from Florida, land of humidity and a fair amount of beaches. Or so I've been told; I'm more of an inside person. There's A/C in here.

I've been writing for most of my life, from poetry to fanfiction to original stories. Exploring unconventional relationship dynamics is one of my favorite things because love comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles. From the sweet to the erotic, in this world or on a faraway planet, I write the kind of romance that will tie you in knots!


My interests are many and varied and include reading, crochet, hockey, magic, and dachshunds. Of course, I can't leave out kinky pursuits like shibari, mastering my flogging skills, and bootblacking. All of those loop around and feed my main passion: writing!

Writing is akin to breathing, for me. It's not optional! Characters and stories are everywhere, just waiting to pop out of my head and onto the page. Once they get there, it's usually a steamy, emotional trip from beginning to end. (No, seriously, all those feelings sneak right in!)


Her Master's Gift

MARCH 17, 2015

Newly collared and claimed, Katie can’t wait to start her journey as her Master’s slave. Her dreams of pain and pleasure at his hands are brought to a halt when Sam tells her what her first task of obedience will be: find a new bed partner at Stroke, a club that caters to kinksters looking to expand their horizons in many ways. The problem? It has to be another woman.

Betrayed as a novice by a woman, Katie is skittish yet intrigued. While she knows Master will keep her safe, can she gather the courage necessary to move beyond the past and accept, without regrets, her Master’s gift?

Tags: BDSM, LGBTQIA+ characters, bisexual main character, Total Power Exchange, intimacy kink, praise kink, public dungeon, enthusiastic consent, open communication

5-star review: "This was a delightful short read and this story kept my attention all the way throughout. Dena Celeste knows how to pull her readers in right from the get go and not let them go until the very end. There was never a dull moment in this story and the characters were easy to love. The sex scenes were so HOT, they had me fanning myself while reading."

Book 1 of the Astral Lovers series

Samhain Embrace

AUGUST 26, 2018

One rainy day in late February, an accident ripped Eric away from Jasmine, leaving her without a partner in magic, marriage, or kink. She waited eight endless months until Samhain, a night when the veil between life and death is thinnest, and in that time crafted a ritual designed to bridge this world and the next. With time limited to the witching hour on the astral plane, Eric and Jasmine make the most of their time in a mix of heady passion and raw emotion.

Tags: BDSM, Total Power Exchange, D/s, rough sex, biting, astral plane, grief, afterlife, Samhain/Halloween theme, magic, enthusiastic consent

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Get in touch with me for more information about my books, poetry, and upcoming releases! Or, if you just feel like dropping a line. I'd love to hear from you!

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